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One Show, Two Great Discussions (1) On this broadcast, September 3, 2018, “The Senior Zone” heard from their friends in print, Mr. Stu Rosenthal; editor & publisher of The Beacon Newspaper. We’ll talk about the current September issue and several interesting stories contained in this month’s publication. (2) Afterwards, we discussed caregiver services. It’s easy for family and […]

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One Show, Two Great Discussions (1) On this broadcast, August 20, 2018, “The Senior Zone” went international in its attempt to learn the conditions, challenges and how other seniors around the world age. Today we started in the African country of Sierra Leone. Our guest was Precious Amabel Lebby; a broadcast journalist who uses her young voice […]

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Do The Hustle, Without The Hassle On this broadcast, April 30, 2018, “The Senior Zone” spoke with the organizer, Ms. Angela Heath, of the 2018 BOOM Conference. Are you 45 or older? Do you have an idea to make some extra cash and don’t know where to start? Have you reached a plateau in your […]

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District of Columbia’s “State of the Senior Address” This morning, July 10th, on “The Senior Zone” we heard from the District of Columbia Office on Aging, Ms. Laura Newland, Executive Director, as she laid out her 3rd Qtr of 2017 “State of the Senior Address”. In our second segment, our special guest was Jay Newton-Small, Co-Founder […]

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Combatting Senior Hunger & Isolation On this program, broadcasted July 3rd, “The Senior Zone”  discussed the challenges and opportunities in combatting hunger & isolation among our older adults with Ms. Ellie Hollander, President & CEO, Meals on Wheels America. At the top of show, we talked with the publisher and editor of The Beacon Newspaper, Mr. Stuart Rosenthal regarding […]

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Understanding Elder Abuse & How To Help On this broadcast, recorded on Monday,  June 19, 2017, “The Senior Zone” focused its discussion on elder abuse, elder justice and the efforts to address these issues with Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aging of the Administration on Aging (AoA) Mr. Edwin Walker, who serves as the chief career official for the […]

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It’s AARP Monday on The Senior Zone On February 27th, we heard from AARPs Chief Enterprise Strategy & Innovation Officer, Mr. Terry Bradwell and how AARP is discovering new solutions that helps people 50+ navigate and live their best lives. Special Guest: AARPs Legal Counsel for the Elderly discussed their newest program that saves people who have housing vouchers […]

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How Repeal of Obamacare Impacts Medicare On today’s show we talk with Max Richtman, President & CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. Our discussion focused the seemingly imminent repeal of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, and it’s impact on Medicare. We also talk about current legislation being considered to turn Medicare into […]

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Work for Yourself @ 50+ On today’s show we discussed a new partnership program between the Washington Area Community Investment Fund, also known as Wacif, and AARP, called Work for Yourself@50+. At the top of our show, we are spotlighted two local companies enriching the lives of older adults here in the DMV. The company […]

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Connecting Seniors to Community-Aging Services On today’s show we focused on helping seniors learn where to tap into local aging resources. Our guest was Ms. Sandy Markwood, CEO of The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a). We also, at the top of our show, discussed current Rent Control Legislation, with Legal Counsel for […]

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